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Workspace Experience: Time Worked Timer

Updated: May 16

It's San Diego EA time and I've been busy in the background working on content for the Next Experience Center of Excellence which I'm very excited to release during general availability. Most of the content that I'm working on for Next Experience and UI Builder will live there. I did want to take a moment to write about a feature that is being launched with San Diego that is going to make a lot of users super happy as it's been missing for a while.

It's been a while but in 2020 I created a post: Workspace: Recording Time in CSM in which I explored how to entire time in the CSM Agent Workspace due to the Time Worked Timer field not supported at the time, I believe this was on Orlando and it's been like that since. There was some speculation on why at the time, but honestly I never really found out the reasons as to why and moved on. I assume eventually most of this blog will be out of date, which is a good thing, and I'm glad I get to circle back around to one of my first posts with an update.

When I worked for customers, mostly every customer I worked for used the Time worked timer as a means of recording fulfiller time and automatically creating/updating time cards - which was a deal breaker for moving to Workspaces as the means of recording time was placed in the fulfillers hands, and having been a fulfiller I know that things happen, users forget to record time, or just arbitrarily put in time at the end of the week that may not be accurate. These reasons are as to why I'm very excited that the time worked timer is now supported in Configurable Workspace as of San Diego.

I fired up the CSM Configurable Workspace on my San Diego EA PDI to take a look, and I also explored whether this field could be added to a a Configurable Workspace I created in App Engine Studio.

CSM Configurable Workspace

Per the product documentation, the time worked timer field is not added to the Workspace view by default, so I went into a Case form in the Core UI, and configured the Workspace view (or whichever view you're using for CSM Configurable Workspace).

I also set the following system properties:

  1. glide.ui.timer.started - I set to true, in order to start the task timer field automatically with the task is displayed.

  2. com.snc.time_worked.update_task_timer - I set to true to update the timer field when task time worked values are modified.

When I open a case record in CSM Configurable Workspace, I now see the Time worked timer and it has started automatically per the system properties I had set. I see i can edit the session time and pause it from the Workspace as well.

Depending on how your organization manages time, you can also add the Time worked related list to the Workspace view, and once a record has been saved with a value in the Time worked timer, a Time card is automatically created and displays in the Time worked related list.

The product documentation states time worked can be added to the Form header as well, so I went to Now Experience Framework > Configuration Settings > UX Form Header record for the Case (sn_customerservice_case) table and I can see it in the Case header on CSM Configurable Workspace.

App Engine Studio Configurable Workspace

The San Diego release notes speak of this functionality in CSM Configurable Workspace, so I wanted to see if it works in other Configurable Workspaces as well. For previous blog posts, I had created a Configurable Workspace from an application in App Engine Studio. I added the Time worked timer to the Incident form within the Workspace view, I also added the Time worked related list to see if it provided the same functionality as above.

Something interesting to note, I found there is a new UX Page Property under the CSM Configurable Workspace called view and routes to the Workspace view when a view rule is not defined. I noticed my AES Configurable Workspace was routing to the Default view, so I decided to create this UX Page Property in my experience and it worked, I'm assuming this can be set to user created views as well and not just ootb.

I can see now when I navigate to an Incident record in my UIB Demo Workspace, the time worked field is available, as well as the related list and for fun I added it to the form header, I did notice the Time worked field will not show on the Form header until the record has been saved with a time worked value.


I wanted to highlight this feature in the San Diego release as being a previous customer myself this was something that held me off on using workspaces for fulfillers as my organizations were heavily invested in using the time worked timer in conjunction with Time cards and Time sheets for fulfiller and agent reporting. Since this feature was part of the CSM product documentation, I wanted to explore this in other Configurable Workspaces, and it looks like it's a platform wide re-usable field (just like in Core/Platform UI) and isn't limited to a specific licensed product. If you have any questions feel free to drop them in the comments.


ServiceNow Product Documentation: Customer Service Management release notes

ServiceNow Product Documentation: Record time worked

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