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Updated: Nov 12, 2021

I've been using ServiceNow for years, and am pretty familiar with setting up Global Search in the Platform UI and Service Portal UI, but came across the need to set up Global Search for the Workspace Experience UI and couldn't find a straightforward resource on how to do so.

Configure Search when setting up a new Workspace

When setting up a workspace fo the first time, there's an option to select which tables to search during the set up, this is great if you already have some tables in mind, and makes the process super easy. If your tables have not been indexed, they may take a while to index before you can use them in the Global Search on your Workspace.

Upon navigating to the Search bar in the newly created Workspace, I can search for a term, for example I'm using short description from an earlier created Scoped Order, and see the results from the Search Source defined when creating the workspace.

Configure Search with an existing Workspace

What if your workspace already exists, without Search Sources configured, or you need to add new Search Sources? Doing a quick search on 'servicenow workspace search' provides top hits on how to change setting configuration, how to use search, another setting configuration, what it is, but now I'm already four articles in and I still don't know how to add a Search Source to Workspace Search. That's what prompted me to write this article, because I couldn't find a quick, easy, straightforward answer within the ServiceNow Documentation to add Search Sources to Workspaces.

Update: 1/15/2021, it isn't included in search results, but I finally came across this product documentation digging into the Workspace documentation.

Note: Configuring Global Search in Workspace will always be captured in the Global scope, even if you configure them from Guided App Creator, keep this in mind when promoting your application/update sets!

To configure Search Sources for the Global Search functionality within Workspaces, head over to your workspace. For this article, I'm using the Order Workspace I created by navigating to All Workspaces > Order Workspace.

The Global Search Data Config field is the one we're looking for. This is what houses the Search Context Config which I'm going to akin to Text Search Groups (Platform UI) is what houses the Search Sources that need to be configured.

Note: Even typing in 'servicenow Global Search Data Config' in a Google Search still doesn't bring up on article on how to do this! I even tried 'servicenow Search Context Configuration' and only received results for Contextual Search. All I can hear in my head right now is Charlie Brown: Oh, Good Grief!

Clicking the (i) icon next to 'Order Workspace Search Context Config' brings up the Search Context Configuration (sys_search_context_config) form.

This is where you define the tables you want to search within your workspace. As we can see, the Search Source I set up when creating a Workspace is there. For this article, I'm going to add a search on the CMDB table. Navigate to Application Search Sources and click New.

The Application Search Sources form needs a Source defined, which is a Search Source. You can create Search Sources by navigating to Workspace Experience > Administration > Search Sources or by clicking the magnifying glass icon, and clicking New here.

Note: This is something confusing I came across when configuring Workspace Search. You can set up Search Sources from the Application Navigator sidebar, by navigating to Workspace Experience > Administration > Search Sources. You can configure your Search Source doesn't link to your Search Context Configuration! Just remember, you can define or modify Search Sources here, but they still need to be linked to Workspaces.

From here, choose the table to be searched and the conditions. For demo and article purposes, I chose the cmdb_ci_computer table, with a Status that is In Maintenance, In Stock, Installed, Pending Install, Pending Repair.

Finish updating the Application Search Sources form, and now there are the two Search Sources defined for the Workspace's Search Context Configuration.

Here's an example of using the new Search Source created for computers in the custom workspace.


Here's the only thing I found, which speaks to Agent Workspace, not Workspace Experience (Custom) UI and is already outdated.

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