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ServiceNow Certification Test Prep

The Quebec release is out, and it's delta time again - which means lots of folks are focusing on exams. I've seen a lot of questions on the community lately for tips on how to study for an exam and wanted to shine some light on some really helpful resources I've found in studying for my own exams.

For the deltas themselves, the only tip I have is to understand how ServiceNow categorizes it's products so you can find the correct release notes, for example Flow Designer is considered Now Platform Capabilities, UI Builder/App Engine Studio falls under Now Platform App Engine and so on. Make sure you view the release notes from the last release, i.e. upgrading from Paris. An hour is allotted to each delta exam, which is more than enough time to traverse the release notes for the given product area.

Steer clear of any courses asking for money to pass delta exams. I've seen some on Udemy and I don't understand why they exist. By the time someone pays for the course and takes it, they could've already taken the delta with the release notes for free.

Course & Book

If you can make sure you don't bypass the fundamentals course if you're new to the material. Most of the time, the implementation course will provide access to the voucher and a lot of folks just go to those, but a lot of material is in the fundamentals books, and the fundamentals books provide supplemental information on what is new in each release. In my opinion it's beneficial for any developer or business analyst to take some of the foundation courses in areas such as Customer Service Management, Field Service Management, or HR in order to understand the foundational structure of the application in ServiceNow. A good example of this is understanding how accounts and contacts are structured in CSM, so as not to undo or modify a bunch of dependent structure based on lack of understanding of basic concepts such as the Account table extends the Company table, and is a Class within Company, or the Contact table extends User table, but is also class within User, and has it's own role restrictions, dependencies, etc. Understanding of basic concepts like this will prevent un-necessary movement of data and scripting around out-of-the-box features ServiceNow has put in place. Books will become out-dated with time, but are a very helpful resource to have around during an implementation and reference material when working within a particular ServiceNow application.

If you find yourself having to bridge the gap between an older course/book and a new release coming out, read up on the release notes for the product area to be be fully up to date for questions on the exam.

NowLearning Test Preps & Simulators

The test preps and simulators are the real deal, probably put out by the folks who make the exams. When I studied for the CIS-CSM, I took both the Fundamentals and Implementation course, read the books again, found some practice tests on Udemy and still felt like I wasn't focusing in on the right material. I found the CIS-CSM Test Prep a week before my exam and it told me exactly which chapters I need to study in each book, and had a simulator at the end. The exam prep made the difference between me passing and failing the test the first time. I took a week to study the test prep, take notes, do the simulator, and felt super confident during the exam. These will be outdated as soon as I publish this post, but will give you a good idea on what to search for:

Here's just a few of the main ones, but a search for 'test, certification, prep' would suffice. I found that not all of these share a consistent naming scheme.

Certified System Administrator (CSA): Certification Test Prep

Certified Application Developer (CAD): Certification Test Prep

CIS-IT Service Management (ITSM): Certification Test Prep (Quebec)

CIS-Customer Service Management (CSM): Certification Test Prep

I'm sure there's many ways of getting to one place, but another quick way to view both test prep and potential simulators is to go to Get Certified on the NowLearning page, and pick the exam you're studying for. For example, the CSA page shows the course, the path, and has links to the simulator and test prep.


I will give a shout out to Udemy because there are some good courses on there, and before NowLearning took off, this was basically the only place to get up-to-date practice tests. I've found that the content creators can't keep up with the versions though, and recently some of the CIS practice tests feel like dumps just thrown together with no real focus on what you should be studying. If you feel like you need more after the test prep on NowLearning, check out Udemy, but make sure you're reading reviews and honestly not paying anymore than the $10-$20 range for these, they're always running sales, so I usually wait a week to see if what I want is on sale before purchasing.

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