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Knowledge 2021 Recap

Knowledge 2021 has come to a wrap, and I know I'm already excited for Knowledge 2022. I'm sure everyone has received a lot of content to absorb in the last two weeks, so I'll refrain from adding any more with an article on a specific topic. Instead, I'll list some of the sessions that I find of interest, I'm sure I've missed some great ones here, there's just so many, thank you to all of the speakers who took the time to share their content this year!

Sessions from the Developer MVP Program

Rather than re-create content, I'm linking out to the ServiceNow Developer Blog as they already put together a great list of all of the CreatorCon sessions that were hosted by the 2021 Developer MVP cohort.

On-Demand Sessions I found Interesting


SES1412-K21: Delivering WCAG 2.1AA to service portals I want to throw a special note on this, as I think this topic isn't discussed enough when designing portals. I'm excited to see more on this topic as we move into workspace and portal experiences.

App Engine

SES1393-K21: Back to why: Leveraging App Engine low code to return purpose to work

CCL1081-K21: Give your app some finishing touches

CCL1080-K21: Go beyond a single table application

CCL1245-K21: Why is my perfectly written code not working

SES1413-K21: UX best practices: Building powerful cross-enterprise apps with low-code tools

Automated Test Framework

CCL1063-K21: Accelerate application development with Automated Test Framework

CCL1081-K21: Ensure functional quality in your application

Catalog Builder

CCB1207-K21: Catalog builder - Quebec

SES1400-K21: Democratize your organization's catalog maintenance using Catalog Builder

LAB2045-K21: Now anyone can create catalog experiences

Flow Designer

CCL1012-K21: Flow Designer - Leverage low-code digital process automation

CCB1023-K21: Under the hood with Flow Designer 3 tech talk


CCB153-K21: Elevating women and minorities through eliminating career barriers Another special note, I love this session by Sharon Barnes at NuAxis Innovations. If you're interested in more sessions like this and sessions hosted by female-identifying speakers, check out the post on the WomenNow blog.

SES2264-K21: Racism in the workplace: How technology can help transform organizations

Integration Hub

LAB2039-K21: Integrate two instances with the ServiceNow Remote Instance Spoke

Now Experience

CCL1043-K21: Getting started with the Now Experience UI Framework

UI Builder

CCL1047-K21: Build a killer workspace experience for your custom app

Universal Request

LAB2022-K21: Scale Enterprise Service Management with Universal Request

Virtual Agent

CCL1079-L21: Add a chatbot to your application


CCB1225-K21: Create fully customizable/editable PDFs to WOW your customer!

ACT2902-K21: Lessons from free climbing adventures with Alex Honnold I didn't know this happened until writing this post, super cool. If you don't know about Alex, and haven't seen the movie Free Solo, check it out.

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