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Whats New in the Rome Release

Updated: 7 days ago

The Rome release has hit Early Availability and is also available for PDIs. There's just so much I want to explore and talk about, and will continue on with the 'An Hour In' series for this release. This is a quick run-down of the things I'm excited about and plan on expanding more on in future articles. So smash that Upgrade button on your PDI and check out the new features while you're waiting. Also, don't forget to check out the TechNow Tuesday episode on Rome.

Future Articles To Come on These

Headless Browser ATF

A lot of us have been waiting for this due to the Scheduling functionalities in Quebec still requiring manual intervention. Basically, in Rome you can schedule (for real, like walk away) ATFs that will run in a Docker image without you having to manually open a browser for the Client Test Runner. It looks like you can either run this in a Linux or Microsoft environment but there is some setup to both. I'm not sure at the moment if my PDI will allow it, but more to come on this soon as I know I already want to use this for my customer instance.

Universal Request for Request Management

Yay! If you've seen my previous posts on Universal Request and Universal Task, you'll see me trying to stumble through how Universal Request could be used for Request Management, because while Incident and HR are nice, there seemed like a big piece was missing in Quebec and here it is. Another article to come on this one as I've been meaning to wrap my head more around Universal Request.

Also I do want to note there are new plugins for Universal Request for Innovation Management, Workspace Service Delivery, and Universal Task (now I'm even more confused), I'll look more into the Universal Task integration as well.

UI Builder Experiences in Studio

This is a hot topic right now since Custom (Agent) Workspaces can no longer be created in Studio/Guided App Creator as of the Quebec release. Previously, in Quebec you had to move on to App Engine Studio and create an Experience from there. Now it looks like you can add it in Studio, but to be clear, this isn't the 'click one button and 5 minutes later you have a baseline working experience' functionality you're getting in App Engine Studio. This is the ground up, from scratch methodology that's been discussed in early LCHHs and blogs when UI Builder first came out so there is more work to this approach.

Conversation Autopilot in Agent Chat

This feature just tickles me as a previous Service Desk employee and I can only imagine the scenarios (coffee) that occur to warrant needing to hit 'autopilot' on a chat. The official reason is 'so the agent can 'multitask' and work on other items'. It looks like you can configure Autopilot to allow the Requestor to see whether they are speaking with a Live Agent or Virtual Agent. I'll spin VA up in my PDI and connect these pieces together in a future article.

UI Builder/Components

A condition builder was added in UI Builder to use for filtering in Data Resources and of course we have more component goodies coming in the Rome release. Check out this LCHH for a fresh look on what to expect and I'll do my own digging in a future post.

Mobile App Builder

Looks fun, I haven't touch mobile apps but can re-call previously everything being done in Studio or Mobile App Studio. I'm excited to explore mobile apps more and see the differences. Maybe I'll convince a guest contributor to help me out with their Mobile knowledge and help demystify the differences in Mobile Development since New York to now.

Migrate History from Update Sets when Linking an Application to Source Control

So I heard in Breakpoint (which is a great Podcast and this episode particular has grea information about Rome) that this is the Update Set killer so to speak. At a high level, basically developers can continue to develop in Update Sets and migrate the changes from the Update Set to Source Control, eliminating the need to push the Update Sets themselves. What first comes to my mind is 'GLOBAL' so I'd like to explore this more, perhaps ask some questions to ServiceNow, because we do have the option of creating Global Scoped Apps in Studio/Guided App Creator. Really, what is the best practice on this? But for Scoped Applications themselves this makes total sense, and probably also just killed off the use of Team Development for teams that were still using that at a low level in conjunction with the App Repo.

Notable Mentions

Scheduling App Installs

Pretty neat. I don't work much with App Repo at the moment so I won't explore this much but I have been at previous clients that can benefit greatly from this.

Predicted Skipped Records by Product

Cool. This is going to be super helpful to mostly all of us, especially when working on newer applications from ServiceNow as they're getting a little more love than say Incident in newer releases and it will be nice to see them all sorted out by product.

Knowledge Article Favorites in Service Portal

This will be great for those who haven't implemented a custom solution to this yet as users have been asking for this functionality for years. Seems easy enough as it's a bit of configuration and now users can view their KB favorites in the header. Maybe we'll see this functionality for Service Catalog in a future release.

Incident/Problem/Change Assign to Me UI Action

This UI Action has been around for some time. Probably most of us have either disabled it or modified it for this very reason. Now the UI Action will honor if the user is part of the Assignment Group on the record. It's the small things y'all.

There's so much more I missed, and I'm sure other features are exciting to developers working in other areas of the platform. ServiceNow is definitely moving forward with its new functionalities, but also decided to show some love to some older parts of the platform such as Service Portal and just smaller things like the Assign to Me UI Action that has been customized by developers for years. I look forward to more Community, Blog articles and videos to come from ServiceNow and the Developer Community in the upcoming months about what excites them.

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